Because we believe every individual’s contribution is integral to HoganTaylor’s success, we challenge our professionals to continually grow and enhance their skills – from their first day at the firm throughout their career with us.

We are committed to providing all professionals with access to relevant technical, soft skill, niche and industry trainings. We provide the majority of these offerings in-house so they are readily accessible to all employees but also engage outside trainers and experts.

To help our people reach their professional goals, we offer a variety of professional development and coaching opportunities.


New Employee Onboarding

We believe in starting off on the right foot! We integrate new employees into the firm through an extensive orientation on

  • HoganTaylor governance and organizational structure
  • Our values, culture and HT3
  • Our client service philosophy
  • Firm policies and procedures
  • Firm operations, systems and administrative departments
  • Technology training

We also pair all new employees with a “mentor” who is ready to answer questions and assist with any needs during the first few months at HoganTaylor. We work to ensure that all new professionals quickly and smoothly settle in to their new positions.

Advanced Technology Training

As a dynamic firm, we invest in the most advanced technology available. We offer the necessary training to ensure our people effectively and efficiently leverage these tools to better serve our clients and meet their needs.

Service and Industry-Specific Training

Our service area and industry leaders provide their teams with learning opportunities to help them develop technical skills as well as gain key insights into industry trends and market changes.

Leadership and Soft Skills Training

HoganTaylor strives to be proactive in providing high quality leadership training for the purpose of developing capable leaders in the firm. HT Leadership Learning Ladders courses provide us a way to implement basic comprehensive leadership training to the entire firm.  The HT Leadership Learning Ladder program is a series of in-house leadership courses specifically designed for CPA firms. The topics range from basic soft skills to specific firm management skills. Each course is self-contained and can be completed in one session. The courses are led by partners, manager and administrative leaders.

In addition, HoganTaylor’s Human Resources and Marketing Departments provide training to assist our professionals in further development of soft skills and business proficiency in networking, public speaking, communication and marketing.


Career Advisors

Each HoganTaylor professional is aligned with a Career Advisor within their service line to assist with career planning and development. Peer Advisors assist new hires with the on-boarding process, including transition into the culture and learning the processes of the firm.


Professional development at HoganTaylor is grounded in goal–setting through the use of Professional Development Guidelines. The guidelines were created based on our core values and the strategic objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan. Each individual meets with their Career Advisor throughout the year, formally and informally, to discuss progress. At the end of the year they meet to evaluate results and performance metrics.


The coaching program is a voluntary program designed to help facilitate non-technical skills. The employee may identify a specific skill that they would like to develop as well as a coach in the firm who has expertise and experience that can assist them in mastery of the skill.