HoganTaylor’s Information Technology (IT) Advisory Services practice helps organizations stay prepared and protected by implementing effective cybersecurity strategies that mitigate the impact of cyberattacks.

We conduct risk assessments, develop cybersecurity programs and governance, including controls optimization, and perform digital forensics and cyber investigations in response to data breach incidents should they occur. We also help organizations evaluate cyber insurance coverage and calculate losses that may result from a breach.

Our cyber solutions help organizations stay prepared and protected.


Protect and Train

Our technology specialists work with organizations to implement a cybersecurity strategy, program and governance to mitigate risk and optimize data protection and access/entitlement controls, while managing data privacy. This includes a comprehensive employee awareness training program.


We help implement monitoring of information systems and assets, which identifies cybersecurity events and verifies the effectiveness of protective measures.

Respond and Recover

We assist in resolving data breaches or cyberattacks, employing digital forensics and investigative capabilities to identify the cause of an attack and remediate data breach incidents.

We develop response processes and procedures that are executed and maintained as action steps to a detected breach or attack.


We assist clients in evaluating cyber insurance coverage, as well as reviewing claim files and calculating losses resulting from data breach incidents.

We specialize in the quantification of complex insurance claims and work with clients to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.


We conduct comprehensive security risk assessments to evaluate protection criteria for organizations’ digital assets, including supply chain risk.