Webinar: How Do I Keep My Team Connected?


The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the traditional workplace. Join Sara Harris, HoganTaylor’s Human Capital Strategies Manager, as she helps answer how to keep your team connected while working from home.

Think “T E A M”

T – Technology

Find the right technology platform for your team – there are many options to choose from, Skype, Teams, Zoom, Facetime, Slack – try to utilize a tool that has video capability to allow for that “face-to-face” connection and has chat features to allow for “impromptu conversations” that don’t require an email

E – Everyone/Everyday

Encourage supervisors/managers to touch base with team members each day. Either morning huddles or end-of-day wrap-up meetings, be sure to connect with everyone/everyday.

A – Arrive Early

Show up 5 minutes early to online meetings to ensure technology is working and maximize participant engagement. Spending the first 5 minutes of any online meeting troubleshooting Suzie-Q’s technology is never a great start!

M – Management Mojo!

Communicate, engage and lead your teams through the most interesting season of their careers!  Be the positive force in the world and watch your team flourish in changing environments.