Webinar: How Do We Implement a Work-From-Home Policy?


The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the traditional workplace. Join Sara Harris, HoganTaylor’s Human Capital Strategies Manager, as she helps answer how to implement a work-from-home policy.

How do we implement a work-from-home policy if we have never done that before?

  1. Test It

Find several employees that can assist with testing any new technology that will be utilized before rolling out to everyone

  1. Define “Work From Home” for Your Organization

Set clear expectations with employees regarding availability, tasks that they will be working on, scheduled or recurring meetings they must attend. Have employees sign a work-from-home agreements, samples included in the employer template toolkit.

  1. Set Expectations Around “Outcomes”

Even if employees are able to complete their normal workload, establish clear outcomes they should be achieving remotely. If they cannot complete the tasks associated with their primary job, if it’s feasible, assign project or work tasks that can be distributed amongst your team, and ensure employees have the appropriate instructions and resources to complete the work.

  1. Time Tracking

If you utilized a punch clock or time keeping system in your previous work locations, ensure employees working remotely have a clear process to track and record their time. Hourly employees must be paid for all hours worked – so ensure you have timesheets completed and signed by employees.

  1. Check-In Regularly

Schedule regular check-ins with staff to stay engaged and keep things moving along.