• We are very experienced in investment fund auditing—HoganTaylor’s clients include more than 230 investment funds, mostly CITs, but also some nonregistered hedge funds.
  • We are highly sought after in the area of Form 5500 preparation. Our knowledge and expertise, combined with the efficiency and effectiveness with which we deliver Form 5500 preparation services, have made us a top service provider to the investment fund and employee benefit plan industries. We prepare 5500 filings for more than 200 funds, mostly DFEs.
  • Annually, we provide industry-specific training for our investment fund audit teams to keep the knowledge base of all assigned people at a high level.
  • We maintain a team of experienced and trained investment fund auditors to provide services to our investment fund clients.
  • HoganTaylor has a deep commitment to the use of electronic tools to facilitate efficient and effective audit testing and reporting, primarily using IDEA and Excel, applying internally developed macros specifically designed for our use in the audits of our Collective Investment Funds practice.
  • Our investment team stays current with what is going on in the industry. Team members attend an annual conference specifically aimed towards trends in collective investment funds.


  • Audit
  • Preparation or review of Form 5500
  • Internal Audit
  • SOC 1 – Report on Controls at Service Organization


HoganTaylor has developed a reporting format for collective investment funds which has the advantage of allowing employee benefit plan sponsors, participants, and other financial statement users to see each portfolio’s financial presentation as a whole.


  • We consistently exceed clients’ expectations by providing timely, knowledgeable service.
  • Our team understands the unique accounting and reporting requirements for your industry, so there’s no need to train us.
  • Our industry-specific macros and specialized use of technology saves us time, saving you money.
  • We are skilled project managers and utilize a secure portal as a collaborative tool between our team and management. No more long email strings that get lost.