Introducing “How That Happened,” A HoganTaylor Podcast

HoganTaylor, one of the largest business advisory and public accounting firms in Oklahoma and Arkansas, is pleased to announce the launch of “How That Happened,” a podcast hosted by HoganTaylor Advisory Partners, Robert Wagner and Aaron Ackerman. On each episode … Continued

ASU 2016-02: What to Know about the New Lease Standard

By Shawn Richardson, HoganTaylor Assurance Senior Manager The objective of the new lease standard, ASU 2016-02, is to increase transparency and comparability among organizations by recognizing lease assets and lease liabilities on the balance sheet and disclosing key information about … Continued

Legacy Leases under the New Lease Accounting Standard

By Calvin Rowland, CPA, HoganTaylor Assurance Partner UPDATE: November 12, 2018 In the time since the article below was published, FASB added a new option for adopting the new standard. Under this new option, instead of applying the new standard … Continued