“Accounting for COVID-19” Episode 8 – Nonprofit Implications

In this episode of “Accounting for COVID-19,” we sit down with Lyndel Lackey, HoganTaylor Tax Partner, and Michelle Mann, HoganTaylor Tax Senior Manager, to discuss how nonprofit organizations can overcome the impact caused by the novel coronavirus. With organizations worried … Continued

Recovery Rebate Calculator

The federal CARES Act was signed into law March 27, 2020. It contained several provisions–for both business and individuals–to provide relief during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of those provisions was for an advanced credit–the 2020 Recovery Rebate. The Recovery Rebate … Continued

“Accounting for COVID-19” Episode 5 – Financial Leadership

In the latest episode of “Accounting for COVID-19,” we sit down with Aaron Ackerman, HoganTaylorAdvisory Partner, to discuss how financial leaders should react to the changes from the coronavirus. How do companies respond to tackle these issues? Aaron discusses actions … Continued

Current Environment Presents Opportunities for Estate Planning

How can you create opportunities for estate planning during the COVID-19 pandemic? Values of assets, both for business operations and publicly and privately held securities, have lost value in the current economy. The uncertainty created by the current environment has … Continued

COVID-19 Checklist for CFOs and Controllers

The global coronavirus pandemic has had tremendous impact and caused disruption to many industries and businesses. Financial leaders are not only responding to realities in their business but also keeping up with the rapidly changing flood of information related to … Continued