Below is a list of publications on business growth & acquisition released from the “How That Happened” Podcast.

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“How That Happened” Episode 21: Bryan Clifton – Myriad Insight

Bryan Clifton is the Founder and CEO of Myriad Insight, an advisory and strategic services company focused on assisting companies through transitional phases. Outside of Myriad Insight, Bryan is the Founder of Council of Entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurial peer advisory group, … Continued

“How That Happened” Episode 8: Tim O’Toole – Oklahoma State Fair

  Tim O’Toole is the current President and CEO of Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. and a long-standing fixture in Oklahoma City’s entertainment landscape. Prior to joining the State Fair, Tim served as President and CEO of Oklahoma City’s Triple-A baseball team. He has also played a role in many pivotal moments in Oklahoma … Continued