Fraud is an increasing risk in today’s business environment. Pressures from both inside and outside the business create motivation and opportunity for wrongdoing involving management, employees, or third parties. Quick access to professional resources allows your organization to respond rapidly, mitigating more of the potential reputational and financial damage associated with a fraud incident.

HoganTaylor’s Fraud & Forensic Investigations professionals combine accounting, investigative, financial, and technology skills to respond quickly and thoroughly to a variety of allegations. Our professionals include certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, and certified internal controls auditors. We work with owners, stockholders, boards of directors, legal counsel, and law enforcement to conduct interviews, review records, analyze and trace the movement of assets, and assess the viability of processes, procedures, and internal controls.

Overview of Services

Our forensic accounting services range from planning and performing evidence-gathering and investigative procedures to providing expert testimony on a broad range of topics. We use proven, disciplined methodologies that are essential to driving a successful, cost-effective project. We assist companies and their legal counsel in investigating and analyzing complex financial issues, interviewing key individuals and preparing clear and concise reports to communicate our findings.

Our forensic accounting services include:

  • Investigating allegations of financial fraud, including asset misappropriation and employee embezzlement, bribery and corruption, illegal gratuities, economic extortion, conflicts of interest and financial statement misrepresentation
  • Conducting interviews in connection with fraud investigations
  • Conducting regulatory driven investigations initiated by government agencies
  • Providing data analytics services on voluminous financial information to identify errors, control breakdowns, and red flags of fraud using advanced data analytics software and techniques
  • Developing risk based fraud prevention programs that identify practical and effective methods to reduce fraud risk and establish a stronger anti-fraud culture
  • Preparing written reports and oral presentations for attorneys, courts, and law enforcement that clearly and effectively identify the unique circumstances of the situation and the findings and observations uncovered by our investigative procedures and analyses
  • Issuing expert reports and providing expert testimony in connection with financial investigations that develop into high stakes litigation