The HoganTaylor Human Capital Strategies (HCS) practice helps organizations understand and create a collaborative/trusting culture, design work environments promoting employee engagement, and constructs a new model of leadership and career development. Through defined human resource function outsourcing, strategic planning facilitations, team-based training, executive coaching and a wide variety of other services, our HCS team helps organizations drive performance and employee engagement to new levels. In addition, our Human Capital experts assist in organizational planning and strategy by keeping you abreast of the latest trends and changes within federal/state/local policies and regulations.

Human Resources Scorecard

A Human Resources (HR) Scorecard provides a systematic assessment of regulatory compliance and organizational health. Our assessments span strategy and enable achievement of your organizational objectives.

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Performance Management

Developing a customized performance management program increases employee engagement and improves unintended confusion for managers and employees. We can help you align organizational goals to individual goals and link performance with rewards, variable incentives and compensation.

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Manager Training & Leadership Development

Providing continual training and development promotes awareness and increases effectiveness to maximize human capital investment. We can develop customized training programs to meet your current and future organizational designs.

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Succession Development

Our succession development strategies focus on increasing organizational and employee strength, as well as culture change. At HoganTaylor, we have the resources to help you value your business, manage your talent, address people risk and develop capability at all levels of your organization.

Executive Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching

By providing high performance team training and coaching, we help leaders define and clarify individual goals and effectively tie those goals to the organization’s overall strategy to drive the success of the organization. In addition, we utilize baseline leadership assessments that sharpen analysis of leadership traits.

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HR Outsourcing

Our team of consultants can provide innovative, project-based HR solutions uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your organization. By supporting your evolving HR needs  and implementing best-practices, we help you reduce costs while solving capacity issues so you can execute your broader business initiatives.

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NOVO Executive Forums

NOVO Executive Forums are invitation-only enrichment program for senior executives. NOVO forums provide a place for leaders to confidentially discuss business challenges and gain insights from different perspectives. We offer two distinct NOVO programs, one to meet the evolving needs of today’s CFO and another aimed at the unique problems faced family-owned entities.

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