Executive Strategic Planning

We understand that strategic planning is more than just sitting in a room and talking about the future. Converting a written plan into results is all about execution.

Several factors contribute to the successful or unsuccessful implementation of your strategic plan:

  • Leadership commitment to the plan
  • Achieving buy-in from management and staff
  • Having clearly defined goals and objectives aligned with the overall business objectives of the company
  • Assigning “ownership” to the right individual(s) to carry out assigned responsibilities
  • Establishing realistic timelines for implementing tasks

Turning your organization’s strategic plan into reality is a challenging endeavor. What separates the HoganTaylor Human Capital team from other players in the strategic planning business is implementation. We help large and small businesses prepare strategic plans and implement action items post-meeting.

Executive Coaching

Our HCS team has a wide range of executive coaching offerings that complement strategic planning implementation initiatives.

Organizational coaching includes:

  • Re-deploy and transition employees
  • Build better leaders
  • Develop and engage
  • Managing change
  • Talent retention

Individual coaching includes:

  • Career development
  • Coaching skills
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Baseline assessment

Whether you need help with just one aspect of your strategic plan, or comprehensive start-to-finish guidance and coaching, we can help.