“Novo” is a Latin word that captures the essence of HoganTaylor’s Human Capital and Organizational Development practice’s newly formed executive forum series: to make anew, refresh, revive, change, or invent.

NOVO is an invitation-only program for senior executives designed to provide members with a confidential environment for discussion and problem solving of common business challenges. At its core, the forums help in the advancement of both the art and science of leading and managing successful businesses. Members benefit from valuable learning experiences and gain insights and different perspectives from each other as well as other successful leaders representing a wide variety of industries.

Two distinct NOVO programs are offered—one to meet the evolving needs of today’s CFO and another aimed at the unique problems faced by private organization leaders:

Financial Executive Forum

Today’s financial executive faces complex business challenges. In addition, the role of the CFO has evolved beyond the core areas of corporate finance, treasury and audit to include strategic planning, talent development and risk management, to name a few. To meet these challenges, NOVO is specifically designed to help today’s financial executive meet this broad range of skill sets. Read More

2nd Generation Leaders Forum

This forum is designed for generational leaders and focuses on the unique aspects of leading family owned businesses – from the boardroom AND within the family dynamic and structure. Members will build the leadership and analytical skills necessary for productivity, goal attainment and talent management. In addition, participants will benefit from sharing of ideas, discussing solutions for leveraging their business model and connecting with leaders who encounter the same unique challenges that are typical of family owned businesses and enterprises. Read More

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