Does your company’s HR program hire, review and manage employees to align with your culture, vision and values? Culture that is not measured can’t be managed effectively.

Most companies use some type of performance management tool. Few use them well, as there are many challenges associated with these tools:

  • In some organizations, performance management remains a largely transactional process focused on an annual cycle.
  • Many employees have a poor perception of the performance management process, resulting in less engagement and reducing the credibility of their direct supervisors.
  • One-size-fits-all programs usually yield poor results.

A good performance management program improves employee performance, engages your workforce and aligns with your compensation strategy. Finding the right one is difficult. We can help you focus on the right competencies to maximize your human capital investment.

Elevate Performance Management with HCS

Developing the correct performance management program “fit” will help you increase employee engagement and improve unintended confusion for managers and employees.

Organizations must determine the performance mindset of their business needs to drive and sustain performance. There are three key performance mindsets:

  • Growth Mindset – Focuses on innovation, idea generation and collaboration
  • Variance Mindset – Prioritizes execution, results and metrics
  • Differentiation Mindset – Promotes risk taking and competition

Organizations must also align their performance management system with the business objectives of the organization, which will support and reinforce the performance “mindset”:

  • Make it better; make it matter
  • Elevate the employee experience and help define career trajectories
  • Streamline the organization’s investment in the process

Aligning performance management with organizational performance and culture is necessary to deliver better business results:

  • Increased leader effectiveness
  • Improved employee communication
  • Decreased turnover

Creating a more holistic measurement of performance that is customized to your organizational objectives is critical to your future business performance. We can help align your organizational goals to individual goals and link performance with incentive compensation structures and rewards.