There are reasons why HoganTaylor’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice is one of the largest and most respected in the Oklahoma/Arkansas region. Our clients tell us it is because we meet or exceed their expectations for timely, knowledgeable service and because every one of our 150-plus plan audits and 350-plus Form 5500 filings were completed on time last year, a significant record of excellence.

But it’s not just our great on-time service that sets HoganTaylor apart.


A Different Approach

Increasing regulatory requirements and involvement of third-party service providers make it necessary for plan audits to be coordinated with multiple parties. HoganTaylor’s unique approach significantly reducing the work and stress clients must endure to meet their DOL reporting obligations.

  • We work directly with your third-party administrator (TPA), investment custodian and other involved third parties so you, the client, are not the go-between for all information requests. All the while, we keep you informed.
  • We utilize secure portal technology enabling TPAs, custodians and others to upload files directly, enhancing the security of your confidential Plan and participant information.
  • Our demands on your time are reduced because we coordinate with third parties on your behalf and perform a substantial number of required tests in our offices. The time our audit team spends with you in your office is limited, which leaves you more time to do your job.
  • Audit reports are issued in weeks, not months, once we receive required information, helping you avoid penalties from untimely reporting.
  • All plan types and sizes have benefited from the HoganTaylor approach – 403(b), 401(k), profit sharing, ESOP, defined contribution, defined benefit, single employer and multiple employer plans with assets that range from $100,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our team. Your team.

  • HoganTaylor is a charter member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center. Moreover, we have a team dedicated to our Employee Benefit Plan practice, three of which are senior partners in the firm. Because turnover is very low, our dedicated team has a deep understanding of plan compliance requirements.
  • Our senior team members attend the AICPA National Employee Benefit Plan Conference each year, staying abreast of current issues affecting your plan. Throughout the year, our team members keep lines of communication open with AICPA, DOL and IRS resources for quick responses on questions of importance to you.

For additional information about HoganTaylor’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice and the services we offer, please contact Practice Leader Gwen Stoute at