Tax Newsletter – July 2015

The HoganTaylor LLP Tax Team is excited to present the July 2015 edition of our eNewsletter. Our newsletter is designed to help you keep up with the latest tax issues.

We’ve designed the newsletter to be read in quick chunks–knowing that leisurely reading time is a luxury for most of you. We’ll also always have the content on our site so that you can refer to it later.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the HoganTaylor Tax Team with any questions you may have regarding these subjects. Additionally, we welcome any thoughts or ideas you may have for future newsletter topics.

In This Issue:

The Math of Buy and Hold

Many financial advisers warn clients that they should not try to time the stock market. Indeed, research indicates that individuals tend to buy when stocks are going up and sell when stocks have gone down: a buy-high and sell-low approach that reduces long-term returns. Consequently, some investment pros support a strategy known as “buy and hold.” Read More

Your Business and the Trade Bill

The trade bill recently signed by President Obama included a revenue raiser that could affect every business. Effective for any information returns filed after December 31, 2015, the penalty for incorrect forms or missing forms has increased. Read More

Passive Activity Losses From Rental Property

In these times of high stock prices and low bond yields, investors might be thinking about rental property. Such investments can pay off, in the right situation. Before you make any decisions, though, you should be aware of the tax implications, especially the passive activity loss rules. Read More

Succession Planning for a Family Business

If you intend to name a family member to succeed you in running your company, you have some advantages. The person you’ll name (probably your son or daughter, son- or daughter-in-law) is someone you can identify easily, without an extensive search. You know that person’s capabilities and shortcomings; he or she likely works for the company now, so you have a good idea of how well the future owner will do. Read More

Tax Calendar

Find out what tax deadlines are approaching in July and August of 2015. Read More