Tax Newsletter – September 2015

The HoganTaylor LLP Tax Team is excited to present the September 2015 edition of our eNewsletter. Our newsletter is designed to help you keep up with the latest tax issues.

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In This Issue:

Supreme Court Decision May Affect State Taxes

In May 2015, the Supreme Court decided a case involving Maryland state personal income taxes (Comptroller of the Treasury of Maryland v. Wynne [No. 13-485]). The narrow 5-4 outcome in favor of the taxpayers, in which the Court held that Maryland’s personal income tax system violates the Constitution, could have far-reaching effects. Read More

Ongoing Responsibility for Retirement Plans

Another May 2015 Supreme Court decision may affect business owners. In Tibble v. Edison International (No. 13-550), the Court unanimously held that there is no statute of limitation on fiduciary responsibility for 401(k) plans. Read More

Past Losses Offer Winning Opportunities

For nearly two decades, investors have been riding a stock market roller coaster. The late 1990s tech stock boom turned into a bust in the early years of this century, as the Dow Jones Total Stock Market Index fell by nearly 45%. After a real estate-led recovery pushed stocks to new highs, a real estate collapse dropped that index more than 50% from 2007 to 2008. Since then, the index has nearly tripled; as of this writing, U.S. stocks are near record levels. Despite this seeming up-and-down symmetry, stock market gains and losses are not taxed equally. Read More

Tax Calendar

Find out what tax deadlines are approaching in October of 2015. Read More