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Installment Sales: A Viable Option for Transferring Assets

Many people will eventually need to transfer ownership of real estate, a family business or some other asset expected to appreciate dramatically in the future. In such cases, an installment sale may be a viable option. This article explains under what circumstances this strategy should be considered, and discusses its advantages and disadvantages. Read More

7 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

As tax season ramps up, so do the efforts of scam artists looking to steal older people’s financial data and money. This article offers seven ways to prevent elder financial abuse. Read More

How to Trim the Fat from Your Inventory

Inventory is expensive, so it needs to be as lean as possible. Businesses need to find ways to trim the fat from inventory without compromising revenue and customer service. This article has some suggestions. Read More

Laying the Groundwork for your 2018 Tax Return

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made many changes to tax breaks for individuals. This article looks at some specific areas to review as one lays the groundwork for filing a 2018 tax return: personal exemptions, the standard deduction and the child credit. Read More

Tax Calendar – First Quarter 2019

This tax calendar notes important tax deadlines for the first quarter of 2019. Read More