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In This Issue:

Investing Lessons from 2020

A massive shock to the markets in early March left many questions for our worldwide economy and leadership. While individuals rallied to do their part many were left wondering how our financial system would stand up to such a drop in value in such a dramatic fashion. Memories of the 2008-2009 financial crisis were resonating with many, including the world governments who very quickly took steps to stabilize and renew the economic engine. A few lessons to be learned as we look back at the events in 2020 markets and the potential result of these actions from our partners at Blackrock. Read More

What New Leadership in Washington Historically Means for Markets

Long-term plans often come into question during years of uncertainty and change. 2020 brought us more than our fair share of change and with it the question: What does new leadership in our government mean for my portfolio? Read More

Personal Cybersecurity Tips

As our world becomes more connected through technology, we see more headlines around the need for cybersecurity and many wonder how this impacts them directly and if they are taking the right steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.  We have asked our colleagues at HTTechnology to help bring us tips on a regular basis to share with our clients to inform and help prepare them for the challenges around this ever-changing world online. Read More